silent green Kulturquatier

Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin

Thursday May 9, 2019

7 pm / 19:00 - 10 pm / 22:00

Public Transport

S 41 +S 42 /Ringbahn Wedding

U6 Wedding and Leopoldplatz

Bus 247, M27 Nettelbeckplatz / S-Wedding

Bus 120 Gerichtstraße

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Social Event

Please bring your name tag to the social event!

About silent green

The former crematorium of Berlin-Wedding is listed in Berlin as a historically protected building. It reflects the city’s history in its own unique way. Built in 1909/1910, it was the first crematorium in Berlin. For more than a century, its presence has testified to changing cultural norms around death in the modernised Germany of the early 20th century. When the vacant building was put up for sale, silent green Kulturquartier conferred the contract in the beginning of 2013. After a period of extensive redevelopment works by silent green in close cooperation with the Office for Historical Monuments until 2015, the independent project has found its home in the historic premises of the Berlin-Wedding Crematorium.

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